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How to make your Santa

This competition is based on the traditional Scarecrow competitions that have been organised in villages around the UK for many, many years. We're looking for you to make your Santa in the same way. 


1. Understand the rules

Before you start, make sure you carefully read the instructions on what you need to do to enter.


2. Think creatively

Remember that the judges are looking for the most creative entry that reflects the magic of Christmas.

So first, think about what your Santa is going to be doing. Is he climbing the drain pipe? Is he gardening? Is he relaxing in a chair? Choose something where you know you can tie him securely and safely so he won’t blow away. Check out last year's winners here >



3. Plan what materials you need

You can buy a cheap Santa costume from many places online including ebay and Amazon.

Don't forget his hat and beard... he might also want his boots if he is on duty!

OR you can decide that your Santa is off duty and is wearing every day clothes. If you choose this route then he must still be identifiable as Santa (e.g. beard and Santa hat)

Also think about the props. Does he need a watering can? A chair? Wheelbarrow? Or maybe he has a sack of presents.


4. Does he need to stand up?

If you want your Santa to stand up then you will need to create a frame. Something as simple as a rake or broom can work if you can attach it to something solid like a wall or fence. Or you can make a basic cross using some wood and stake it into the ground like a proper scarecrow.


Here’s a useful link on how to make a scarecrow:


5. Stuffing and weather-proofing

To look like Santa, you will need to stuff him! Think about how to ensure he won't completely disintegrate if it rains or snows. For example you could put screwed up newspaper in plastic bags. Or you could use straw or old clothes / pillows.

Don’t forget Santa’s face, hat and beard! Maybe stuff a plastic bag or pillowcase for his head.

6. Good luck!

If you have any questions please email

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