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Are you on the 'good' list for 2022?

Father Christmas visited his magical grotto at The Dane End Christmas Tree Farm for their opening night last night.

Santa and his elves made a note of the more interesting requests, including "shoes with laces", however were disappointed that no one asked for world peace this year!

Feedback from our event:

  • Father Christmas was "outstanding" but also looked "quite familiar".

  • "The grotto was fab! Father Christmas was brilliant and the gorgeous elves were amazing! Thank you".

  • "I felt so Christmassy tonight. Our kids were so taken in by Santa".

  • "*** and *** had a lovely chat with Santa. Brilliant job and might I mention some very glamorous elves!"

Thank you to all the families who supported FOLM at this event, our fabulous Father Christmas and wonderful elves. A huge thank you to Russell and Liz at The Dane End Christmas Tree Farm, for letting us be part of your opening night.


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