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Does anyone else have a spring clean, collect all your recycling, put it in bags and the in the car boot fully intending take it to the recycling centre - and then proceed to drive round with it in the boot of your car for 6 months? Yep. Been there.

But you don't have to!

Twice a year we raise money by simply bringing in old and outgrown clothes as part of the Bag2School scheme. It is a free fundraising scheme, established in 1999, for anyone wanting to raise funds using a resource EVERYONE has got in their wardrobe – unwanted clothes.

You can use the official Bag 2 School bag OR a standard black plastic one is fine too.

They operate throughout the UK; collecting and selling your unwanted textiles to importers and wholesalers in many countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia. All to benefit the Circular Economy.

We raise anywhere between £60 and £200 - which all adds up!

We'll publish on Facebook our next date as and when it gets booked. And you'll also find it in the school newsletter nearer the time.

You'll get a bag sent back in the kid's schoolbags which you can fill - but you can also use standard black plastic bags too.

We'll ask you to drop the bags off at school pick up (3.15pm) the day before collection OR by 9am the day of the collection. And anyone in our community can take part, not just parents!

And you can get collecting now - The more we donate, the more we raise!

Find out here> what you can collect over the next few months, ready for our next event.

And as ever, THANK YOU for your support!

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