Help us run the Christmas Fair 2020!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Yes we KNOW it's only just been Christmas. But we usually start planning in June!

And this year, we've listened carefully and because we KNOW how much the Christmas Fair means to everyone, the committee have had a chat and we're happy to run the fair with one caveat.


Thats people that can help on the day

Tasks are:

  • Help set up

  • Run a stall

  • Help clear up

It takes a lot to organise the fair but the biggest stress is not knowing if we'll have enough people to run it on the day.

We'll be looking for groups of parents to take on a stall and run it between yourselves. If you can help organise the stall in advance then that's even better - but its the support on the day that is most important.

We'll also need people to help set up and take down which means having people around from 11am to 5pm. The more hands we have, the better and faster we can get everything done.

Help us bring the fair back to the school by signing up here >

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