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When life gives you a rainy day... throw on your boots...

...And jump in the puddles!

This year's summer festival was one of, if not the, most challenging events Little Munden has ever hosted. It's the first year anyone can remember when we had to bring the entire summer festival inside because of the weather.

But we believed in our community, we believed in ourselves and we KEPT SMILING ... and you know what? We only went and SMASHED it.

The total profit for this year which includes some very generous donations from our local community was... £5,439!

There are too many people to thank in this post but over the next week or so we'll be giving shout-outs on Facebook to all the different people, businesses and organisations that have supported us.

Thank you everyone... (and if you had photos in the photo booth and you can't see yours below ... pop a message on here and we'll send you the link).


Love FoLM

The St Albans Classical Chorus performing our festival finale.

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