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How  to enter

Entry is via the PTA Events platform administered by the Friends of Little Munden. All entry fees are being donated to the PTA who are raising money for Little Munden Primary School.

1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize


15 x runners up


Competition Instructions

  • The competition is open to residents within Dane End, Haultwick, Green End, Sacombe, Great Munden, Nasty, Levens Green, Whitehill, Rowney Priory) Please note pupils of Little Munden who live outside these areas may display their entry for judging at school.

  • The most creative entry will win, followed by prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

  • It is just £5 to enter (plus a small, voluntary fee to cover our platform costs.)

  • You must register online via the PTA Events platform, by the 3rd December and your entry must be displayed by the end of Friday 3rd December (EXTENDED TO MIDDAY 4TH DECEMBER)

  • Santa must be homemade by stuffing clothes (like a scarecrow) 

  • Your Santa must be at least 1 metre tall and clearly look like Santa (even if he is not in 'uniform')

  • Santa must be displayed outside and visible to passers by.

  • You must clearly display your 'order number' next to your Santa (found at the top of your confirmation email)

  • The household must take full responsibility for ensuring Santa is tied securely and positioned safely. The organisers take no responsibility for any damage caused by flying Santa's.

  • Judging will take place between the 4th December and 8th December 2021. So please ensure he is displayed during this time. (And throughout December if possible!)

Competition now closed!

You will be asked to register on the PTA events platform before you can enter the competition.

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